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12 31 2005 11:45:17

Chilling effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

«This article is about the sociological term. For the online legal defense group, see Chilling Effects A chilling effect is a term in United States law that describes a situation where speech or conduct is suppressed or limited by fear of penalization at the hands of an individual or group. For example, the threat of a costly and lengthy lawsuit might prompt self-censorship and have a chilling effect on free speech. Since many such suits rely on libel law, the term libel chill is also often used. [edit] Explanation In United States and Canadian law, chilling effects refer to the stifling effect that vague or overbroad laws may have on legitimate speech and activity expressly protected by the First Amendment. Recognition of chilling effects caused substantial change to slander and libel law to eliminate the possibility of political libel cases and remove openings for vexatious litigation.»...
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