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11 01 2003 13:14:11

The Promise of Vaccines: The Science and the Controversy By David R. Smith, M.D.

«The Promise of Vaccines: The Science and the Controversy By David R. Smith, M.D. Posted: Monday, September 1, 2003 Printer Format icon Printer Format Email Information icon E-mail Information Executive Summary Standing among the greatest achievements in public health, vaccines have had a greater impact on reducing death and disability from infectious diseases than almost any other public health intervention. This paper presents a comprehensive overview of vaccines and the science of immunity, including a discussion of the remarkable advances in disease prevention through the evolution of vaccines. We focus on several recent vaccine safety controversies that may prevent maximization of their potential. Much attention has been devoted to vaccine safety and the potential relationship between various diseases and vaccinations, including influenza vaccine and Guillain-Barré syndrome, MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella) vaccine and autism and idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, thimerosal in vaccines and autism, hepatitis B vaccine and multiple sclerosis, and childhood vaccines and type 1 diabetes. The vast majority of reports linking vaccines with various diseases comprise case reports that do not meet the scientific criteria established to attribute causality. A review of recent studies published in the medical literature is presented to help clarify the scientific data related to the association between vaccines and these medical diagnoses. Also addressed are concerns about safety related to vaccine additives and preservatives, specifically thimerosal.»...
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